Alaina Cross is an alternative pop artist and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Her sound is brave, anthemic, and bold. Her powerful vocals and enticing melodies accompanied by an edgy production style have helped her break into the tv and film world. You’ve heard her songs on major networks, such as FOX, CMT, MTV, and NBC.

On stage, Alaina’s impressive range and commanding presence make for a truly captivating performance. With bass drops that will get your heart pounding and lyrics that awaken your inner warrior, you'll be ready to grab life by its horns. Alaina draws her inspiration for songwriting from past experiences and real-life struggles. Writing songs that she hopes will empower and inspire others to find bravery to make it through dark times and walk in a new found confidence. Her power-loving sound gives listeners the perfect mix of vulnerability and strength.

“When people listen to my music I want them to walk away with a new sense of bravery and strength. The motivation behind my lyrics and melodies is to be able to remind people they are stronger than they think. Sometimes you need a friend to hold your hand along the way and other times you just need to hear a song that makes you feel like a badass.”


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