Powerhouse singer, Alaina Cross, makes her solo debut with her haunting electronic-infused, pop track, "Six Ft." After embarking on a solo career, Alaina has devoted a year of her career into finding her unique sound.  Pulling from her roots as a former rock band frontwoman and mixing in her love of pop music, Cross has developed her edgy, dark-pop persona.

Cross’ newest single "Six Ft," was inspired by the range of emotions a person goes through during a break-up. The song depicts a story of a relationship’s demise and the mental state that accompanies a love gone wrong.  

Alaina draws influence from artists like Imagine Dragons, Demi Lovato, and Halsey.  Though small in stature, the grit in her voice and the energy in her stage presence are known to evoke emotion in her audience.  She finds inspiration in everyday life and pours that energy and experience into every part of her music.  

“Something that really fuels my creativity is new experiences. That’s the best way to get a song out of me. Whether it’s a bad experience or a great one, a bad day or a good day - those moments of high emotion breed the best creativity.”