Emerging pop artist Alaina Cross’ haunting melodies and powerful voice will be one you soon won’t forget. Once you hear the Nashville-based singer's unique “dark pop” sound, the possessing tones will be playing on repeat in your head for weeks to come. Alaina's rock-infused pop vibes are the perfect blend of her love for pop mixed in with her rock 'n' roll roots. 

Alaina draws inspiration from everyday life and pours that energy into every part of her musical process. Listen to one of her songs and you’ll easily discover that for Alaina music is not merely just a form of entertainment, but a chance to connect with the raw emotions of the human experience.  Similar to the artists she is often compared to like Imagine Dragons, 30 Seconds to Mars and Katy Perry, Alaina often writes on topics like heartbreak, loss and conquering life’s struggles. As the artist herself would put it, “when people listen to my music I hope to motivate them and make them feel like they can kick life’s ass!” 

Alaina's captivating strength wrapped in distinctive vocals and energetic lyrics will have you ready to take a walk on the dark side.